Our History

Cogenpower -Our History

Cogenpower s.r.l. was founded in 2004 by Dr Francesco Vallone, the Company’s CEO, with principal operations in Italy. For more than 10 years our focus has been the efficient and cost-effective generation and distribution of combined heat and power for local communities in Italy.

Our first CHPDH scheme, the Anaconda power plant in Borgaro Torinese, was established as a result of our early development of micro-CHP systems for commercial use. In developing these systems, we recognised the opportunity to reduce our high maintenance costs through the use of automatic control and management systems.

2004-2008 Route to Project Anaconda: a highly efficient urban-scale CHPDH system

2004 Cogenpower is founded.
2005-2007 Scale of the plant increased, automatic control and management system called Hermes developed. Major reductions in maintenance and operational costs delivered as a consequence
2006-2007 Efficient District Heating system developed and micro-grid scheme designed in collaboration with the University of Turin. This was used as the basis for the development of our highly automated CHPDH system.
2007 Construction of heat network at Anaconda power plant begins. The heat network is equipped with a fibre optics data network, an essential tool for its intelligent control sytems.
2008 Anaconda power plant begins operations, providing an urban scale CHPDH system able to deliver 3MWe of electrical power and 15 MWt of thermal power, serving 4,500 end-users and reducing CO2 emissions by more than 3,000 tonnes per year.


2009 – 2013 Building greater energy flexibility and intelligent automation with increased efficiency to create a repeatable community energy CHPDH system

2009 Further opportunity identified for improved efficiency.
2012 The Anaconda power plant is equipped with intelligent automation.
2013 Extension to the Anaconda power plant designed to integrate biomass woodchip, transforming it into a renewable energy, high-efficiency plant.
2013 Strategic plan developed to capitalise on our CHPDH technologies and expertise and deliver major growth in the domestic market and internationally. To facilitate this, we further develop our management structure and procedures.

2014 – 2017 Adding hybrid, renewable energy capability – transitioning to the 4th generation of District Heating

2014 Cogenpower plc is founded after the UK market is identified as one of the most attractive international growth territories. A UK base is established from which to develop the our UK presence.
2015 Cogenpower acquires Esseti, a 1 MWe ORC biomass power plant based in Predosa, Alessandria, to the east of Turin as part of our growth strategy and expansion of the Group.
2016 Cogenpower completes successfully the IPO and delivers the first unmanned Combined Heat and Power District Heating system.