Anaconda Power Plant

Cogenpower Biomass Project

Cogenpower PLC is transitioning from the 3rd generation of DHC system to the 4th generation of DHC in its CHPDHC (combined heat and power district heating and cooling) system in Borgaro, near Turin in Italy. The town has around 12,000 inhabitants and over 4,500 of them are served by our intelligent district heating network – a 6.5 kilometre, heavily insulated underground pipeline.

This site has been the Company’s technical centre where it has researched, developed and proved a collection of artificial intelligence technologies known collectively as the Anaconda technology. The company places great importance on the Anaconda technology developed with the help of our partners at the Universities of Turin, Milan, Nantes and Paris because this Artificial Intelligence system is able simultaneously to produce electricity and heat in an efficient way and distribute it by means of a 3rd generation district heating network.

Cogenpower anaconda Power Plant

Cogenpower Anaconda Plant Cogenpower Anaconda Power

Cogenpower’s Anaconda technology includes the following key features:

  • It is a low-carbon technology that can be scaled up to suit communities of up to 50,000 people or scaled down to as low as 3,000 users
  • It does not rely on Government subsidies
  • It is a quick, cheap and reliable way of providing energy security and meeting environmental targets
  • It is able to produce as much energy as alternative, less-efficient systems but with a very low CO2 content
  • It can use more than one fuel to operate efficiently - natural gas and/or solid biomass
  • It can both significantly reduce consumption of fossil fuels for communities and optimise the substitution of renewable sources without undermining energy security